Pop comes a question “Mama what is puberty?” BANG! The Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bomb fell just right at the center of my head and suddenly my mind started racing like Usain bolt. Apparently i have to answer this. They say raising a “not so adolescent ” child or “almost an adolescent” one is a herculean task. I cleared my throat and prepared myself to deliver a grand speech ON PUBERTY.

Puberty is a process of growing up. A process of change. Change as in our appearance, physically, mentally blah blah. Boys have facial hair… before i could finish my opera song on puberty, pop again “Mama i have hair on my arms and legs, does that mean i have attained puberty?” The spider-man in his spider-verse says the power of climbing up tall walls was his puberty”. Usain Bolt’s gaining momentum weakened gradually. “Hmmm…could be” is all i replied.

P.S.- A child’s perspective is not confined to bookish knowledge like adults. Trust me, it can take you to a whole new universe. So fastened your seat belt and enjoy the joyride.