It’s been a little over six months, Erene the tiny 9-year-old cub and a fervent patriotic at heart with tears-welled-up-eyes muttered under her breath, that she had an unresolved issue with her new school. Everything was perfect to a T in her new base but nonetheless, she was upset, bothered and disappointed. She was dismayed by a few changes in her school which were distinctly evident on her innocent and upright face. She wanted to be heard. She wanted some attention, to address her issue rather than just imparting outsmart and outwitting replies. On further insistent, she retorted, ”Subsequently to singing the beautiful National Anthem, our school has no ritual of wrapping it up with ”Jai Hind”.

Ah, I was utterly stunned, eyes widened and lips pursed. Point to be noted. All for the sake of JAI HIND! It was an exceedingly sensitive declaration which shackled me from within and I just could not be indifferent and apathetic towards her feeling and consider it as a trivial issue. Or else I would belittle her emotion and hurt a 9-year-olds’ sentiment. A handle-with-care case.

Building on more to her query, the cherub had kept on ranting relentlessly and incessantly, – “Jai Hind is much more than just a term. It carried a lot of weight and moral responsibility. It’s a feeling within- something to be felt at heart. It is above any religion or region.” I was awed at her disposal. Perhaps her previous school inspired, imbibed and inculcated fierce patriotic values within each and every child. “Like a habit, We need air to breathe, similarly, we have to bellow Jai Hind as loud as we can, following our National Anthem”, was her final announcement. How painstakingly accurate, crisp and clear; to the point and precise way of expressing emotions, I wondered.

Standing up and showing respect to the National Anthem in theatre halls before film screening doesn’t make one, committed patriotic or less patriotic.

Air India crew proclaims Jai Hind after every announcement with a hope to keep the flame of true patriotic sentiments alive within one and all.

National Anthem and Jai Hind go hand in hand. They are synonymous.

Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.

JAI HIND – Let love for our country flood our heart.

4 thoughts on “BRAVEHEART

  1. It’s true n senseous in some way, nicely protrayed even but to express n feel happy or show ones emotions n involvement one hv to be very joyous first what I learnt frm this life


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