A Superhero Without A Cape

Why don’t we have a father India, like we have a mother India? I do not intend to convey mother-India as in the Indian epic drama. I am attempting to highlight here is- mother India as in the literary personification. Years and years ergo, mothers are consistently positioned on a pedestal of renunciation, compassion, sacrifice and epitome of love. Mothers manifest unconditional and unbiased love concerning her children, adapts herself to a whole new ball game, and has a better understanding of the world.

But what about the patriarchs..? Are fathers oblivious to such powerful and empowering objectives which connect only the matriarchs? Why are they looked down upon (most of the time), when it comes to, How-to-behave-like-a-dad kind of circumstances. It has infallibly been the mothers, who are all in all. Undoubtedly they are. Mothers inherit superpowers. Mothers are superwoman. She can trade in any set of the situation under the sun. She can multitask – paying her childrens’ tuition fees – to cooking exotic dishes to – being a good mother, wife, daughter-in-law, aunt and sister.

Well, let’s breathe

If mothers are superwomen than fathers are superheroes without a cape. Fathers – they do care. Fathers – hands full. Fathers- heart fuller. Nevertheless, If he doesn’t, that does not make him insensitive, irresponsible, inconsiderate, a devil in fatherhood fraternity.

Fathering does not come with a manual. It has no guidelines, no instructions to follow like mothering. They do not have to state reasons to prove the fact. The intuitive index of mothering defeats fathering on that point. But still, fathers are invincible. Fathers are less expressive, shows less but feels more. The profound love, sincerity and joy of a father are unparalleled. He can multi-task too. He is also like a coconut, hard from the exterior, soft from within. He can be a batman, superman and spiderman if he wishes to. so what if he cannot cook…so what if he cannot take charge in diaper duties…so what if he cannot be a tutor to his children.

Let’s not judge. It takes a lifetime being a father.

P.S.- let’s celebrate Fathers Day and Mothers Day – every single day

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