Survival Of The Fittest

Exams, unit test, periodical assessments are an exceedingly integral part of a child’s school curriculum.

When it comes to studies or packing his bag for school, for that matter, my boy has a habit or I should say, a tendency to postpone every single work for the following day. It has become customary and habitual to forget something or the other, either at home before leaving for school or at school before heading home. It was like a constant reminder. A reminder alarm with snooze button every ten minutes – “did you take your pen, did you take your pencil box, is the grammar notebook in your bag, did you brush your shoes, did you finish your homework?etc. It is not that my cub is disobedient but slightly irresponsible. Blame it on the age. He is yet to turn 11. Few more months to go. It is this irresponsible behaviour towards his belongings that irks me. It pushes my limits and tries my patience inside out. But again, I had taken it in my stride, hoping that he’ll make necessary attitude and behavioural adjustments as he matures. Perhaps be more sensible and responsible.

The periodical assessment morning.

As usual, my impetuous lad had failed to remember to carry his exercise book to school. The teacher had asked, one and all, time and again, to bring notebooks with few pages, where they could write down their answers. He looked into his bag and had learned that it wasn’t there.

Well, now what?

Few middle pages from the exercise book were ripped, stapled the leaflets into a notepad, made a beautiful floral motif cover page, had written his name as well as the test brilliantly and finally presented the same without feeling jittery or showcasing any hint of guilt. The impromptu mind worked at a jet speed. On asked, my tiny cherub confidently replied, “ Ma’am, I am recycling my previous year exercise books”. The teacher patted encouragingly on his shoulder and cheered my little boy for setting a good example to the class.

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