Happy Father’s Day

  • Dear Daddy,
  • Thank you for the Zomato and Swiggy delivered spaghettis and baked pasta in white sauce. Thank you for the Old Navy jeans and Lacoste polos. I dislike wearing polos. The collar pricks the nape of my neck. Howbeit I snip the tag, the itchiness remains. I love tees. The denims don’t fit me. I wear sizeM and you bought me S. I tried it on but….tight at the thighs 😛. I’m growing Dad, but will always hang onto you like a crybaby. Thank you for the Dominos pizzas, everytime my friends at home. You are so prompt interpreting my distress signal, particularly when my ‘always-hungry’ buds visit. Thank you for the Nintendo switch games -Zelda, Mario and Lego.Thank you for embarrassing me, dancing in presence of my friends – your friends. I and mama exchange that ‘what’s – wrong – with – Daddy?’ look. Keep twirling Dad.You rock. Thank you for the holidays together, no Thailand this time pleeease. Okay? Thank you for the movies we watch together. I know how much you love those recliner seats and the bucket of salted and caramel tossed popcorns. You eat more than you watch Dad. Thank you for playing ‘bandook meri laila’ ( zipped 🤫🤐 )
  • The list is endless. Guess, I shall continue next year. Happy Father’s Day, Dad.
  • Love you
  • Bubs
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